Change is Coming


Sharing in the vision and the effort.
Shaping the future of our cities.

The redevelopment of urban centers has spawned an opportunity to help design the cities we live, work and play in. We collaborate with visionary developers, restauranteurs, civic planners, entrepreneurs and designers, to help create projects that become key to a city's narrative. Together, we can bridge the gap between the way cities are built and experienced, the way they exist and are perceived.

Today we embark on a new chapter - we have rebranded ourselves and are launching a new mission. You, our partners, are an important part of this change.

When we started At Media, it was a traditional branding agency. But over the last few years, we realized that we had certain projects that energized and empowered us. So we started to seek out these projects more regularly.

Now our mission has become clearer. It is our time to pivot.

Today, we share with you Cohere, a company focused on revitalizing our cities through thoughtful design. As Cohere, we are working with the change agents and taste makers that are apart of a reurbanization revolution.


/ko’hir/ VERB


To be united; form a whole


to be aesthetically and logically consistent


to become united in principles, relationships or interests

We still do everything you know us for - branding, design, web development, and marketing - but we do it with a greater purpose and focus. To choose projects that start with abandoned or underutilized spaces, and create more cohesive experiences where we live, work, and play. All to help ensure the growth of our cities is sustainable and that the changes taking place are for the betterment of all involved.

Some call it placemaking. We call it progress.

It is my hope that you feel invested in our new calling, and possibly consider our mission as one of your own. Let our life’s work be valuable. Let it be beautiful. Let that beauty impact others and make a legacy worth leaving.

- Antoinette Johnson & Team

Antoinette Johnson CEO
Chris Richards Director of Biz Dev
Dylan Garner Creative Director
Mike Medoro Lead Web Developer
Risa Zeller Director of Brand Management
Abby Riviello Copywriter
Joe Buckshon Account Executive
Avery Sohn Designer
Tyler Jordan Perry Web Developer
Marissa Le Content Coordinator
Lauren Hayes Lead Designer
Wheeler Juell Designer