Celebrating: 20th Website Launch in 2016

This year has been a productive one for all of our team, but especially the web design and development team. Led by our rock star (punk rock if you really want to know) – Mike Medoro, At Media has successfully launched 20 beautiful websites in 2016.hipcity
Like always, we have had a lot of fun making these babies and we want to acknowledge our partners for giving us the opportunity to share their vision with the world.

Shout out to our team mates:

Mike Medoro, who never complains about the smallest web development task and oversees a team of professionals. He did an overhaul of our process this year and in return, took us from a custom web development shop pumping out an average of 6 websites a year, to a whopping 20




TJ Perry
(yes his actual name is Tyler Perry), for being Mike’s sidekick and learning everything from Square Space to email marketing…TJ is our in-house model and web dev junior extraordinaire.



Lauren Hayes
for her equally as talented modeling skills, but especially bringing new heights to our custom web design. She’s a doll, and we are fortunate to have recruited her!



Dylan Garner
as Creative Director, who oversaw everything from the photoshoots and video production that help make these bad boys shine, to rallying the team around launches to make them extra special.



Wheeler Juell, for learning web design quickly and adapting brand concepts to accommodate an ever-changing online demand.




Avery Sohn
, for adapting the beautiful brands she creates into equally beautiful digital components.





Abby Riviello
as lead copywriter, for her mastery in creating captivating messaging and copy that engages and informs our audiences.




And to our amazing clients, who’s vision makes our jobs worth while.

Here are our 20….





















How did we do it?

About 8 months ago we had a revelation – that custom web design from scratch should really be reserved for complicated websites that require months of research and UX design. So for projects that are more straight forward, such as restaurants, commercial real estate, apartments, service companies and other smaller sites – customizing WordPress themes was a more economic approach. With all of the DIY tools out there, web design and development is becoming more of an in-house process. So as an agency, it was important to us to adapt and adjust to the needs of our clients. So we simplified our approach, boiled down to this: ucity

Use WordPress. It’s simple – this is the most popular CMS web platform in the world. It’s open source, which means that at any given moment there is a talented web developer across the globe working to improve it’s functions.

Customize existing themes. There are 100s of thousands of web themes out there by extreme design professionals, with equally more plugins and add-ons that help you accomplish what you need. Customize them according to the brand, clean them up so they are fast loading – and you have a custom site that took 1/3rd of the time to build.

Content, content, content. Gone are the days that your website needs redesigned every 3-5 years. Adding new photography, blogs, video and other dynamic content allows you to grow and adjust regularly. Avoiding the need to redesign for a long time.