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#AtWed - We now pronounce you CEO & Director

Our fearless leaders, Antoinette Marie Johnson and Tyler R. Westnedge, are tying the knot - exactly one month from today! After 7 years of dating mixed with the pleasures of entrepreneurship and building a business that has earned a reputation for high standards - the two will finally be one. The date is set for Friday, April 5th 2013, at the Fairmount Park Horticultural Center catered exclusively by Stephen Starr Event group.

Many of our clients have wondered; are they, or are they not, together? Since work is the core focus of their daytime relationship, the couple has been known to forget to tell clients and partners that they are indeed engaged. Now they are finally coming out to the world with a well-branded affair (of course!). The wedding is being treated like a client, where every aspect of the experience is branded with high quality care. 

atwed invitations

While the couple explains that they despise typical wedding themes, part of branding an event is discovering the colors, feel and overall vibe. To match the beautiful Fairmount Park Horticultural Center during the month of April, they decided on a Parisian Garden wedding. A spring storybook feel mixed with a vintage touch, with pastel colors that let the natural ceremony and reception location shine. Lead designer, Ian Berg, helped them bring this to life by using simple romantic motifs accompanied by timeless serifs and sleek sans-serif fonts.

letterpress wedding invites

wedding invitations letterpress

"Part of the reason why it took so long for us to plan a wedding is because we are fanatical about doing it our way." Antoinette reveals about the process. "Branding is such an integral part of our lives. It's not just what we do - it's how we think". This explains the incredible detail at every angle and the choice of some of the region's best vendors to help roll out the vision.

perfect matchbook

atwed matches wedding branding

Everything from the #AtWed website, to the matchbooks, is apart of the guest interaction and ultimate branded wedding. "The attention to detail in the invitations, swag and decor is beyond anything I have seen in a wedding. It really shows their devotion to detail and high quality", explains new hire, Chris Richards, who initially encouraged the two to 'come out' with an announcement to the public.

Antoinette and Tyler have even given social legs to their wedding, branding it #AtWed for easy search ability on networks such as Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. 

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at-wed.comatwed pinterest

atwed instagram

atwed pinterest

Watch the hashtag #AtWed as it unfolds all of the details of this special day. Interact with us as we wish them well on a journey that is bound to be as successful as At Media.
















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