Taking it to the Streets: Pop-Up Parklet for AIA Convention

Transforming a parking space to parklet – from a spot for one car to a place all urban residents can use. AIA Philadelphia asked Philadelphians to create a parklet design with the theme “Imagine” for the AIA Convention Parklet Design Competition, and we decided to run with it. Teaming up with Stokes Architecture, Kid Hazo, and the Open Streets PHL Movement, we’re reframing our city streets in just 7×18.

ParkletImage_BlogWe’re dropping a slice of a suburban lawn in the middle of Chinatown, with a reclined, full-body bench to mimic the feeling of lying in the grass. See it come to life on Thursday, May 19 from 12:00pm – 7:00pm in front of the Center for Architecture and Design, 1218 Arch St.

ParkletimageOur take on an oversized park bench is lined with sod to provide the leisurely feeling of lying in the grass, and the back portion is angled to encourage a reclined posture. This natural experience in the middle of the location you’d least expect it lets us imagine what else is possible in the streets we usually walk, drive, and bike through. Sidewalk chalk beckons passers-by to share their image of an open street with others. Vote us as your favorite parklet by texting #1 to 636-324-2266.


The Players
Stokes Architecture, Philadelphia firm specializing in a wide range of national projects,
from large scale hospitality design to small scale interior fit-outs.

Kid Hazo, Philadelphia based street artist out to catch a few smirks and
smiles by creating pieces that parody the heart of Philly culture and venues around the city.

Open Streets PHL, a movement dedicated to allowing urban residents
to experience city streets in an unconventional way – without cars.

At Media, a branding agency with the mission to transform
urban environments through location-based projects.